Contemporary Abstract Artist Aldana

Aldana was born in Barinas, Venezuela in 1952. He is a painter whose dense canvases demonstrate his exploration of countless motifs taken from everyday life, which are packed into his large-scale paintings.


Hiding Place, Aldana’s latest body of work, evokes the playful moments of childhood, where objects like rocking horses and juggling balls are arranged onto colorful and complex backdrops. Although the backgrounds Aldana paints are fit to burst, his careful use of bold and complimentary colors distinguishes the multiple elements in the frame.


Aldana’s training as an artist began at the Martín Tovar y Tovar Fine Art School in Barquisimeto, in Venezuela, after which he moved to France for a period of ten years, where he took drawing and painting courses at the Toulouse Cultural Center.


Aldana has an extensive list of solo and group exhibitions in Venezuela, France, Colombia, United States, and his work has been acquired by numerous private and public art collections.


  • English, International Academy, London, England.

  • International Tourism, Paz Academy, Valencia, Spain.

  • French, University Du Miraile, Toulouse, France .

  • Academy of Drawing and Painting, Toulouse, France.

  • Martin Tovar and Tovar School of Arts, Barquisimeto, Venezuela.


  • Deco Hotel, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 2016

  • Barquisimeto Museum, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 2014

  • Sergio Antillano, Maracaibo, Venezuela. 2013

  • Baralt Theatre, Maracaibo, Venezuela. 2013

  • Biotel Suits, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 2012

  • Giotto Gallery, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 2008

  • Mateo Manaure Gallery, Barinas, Venezuela. 2007

  • Phoenix Gallery, Sacramento, California. 2006

  • Templarios Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. 2005

  • Barquisimeto Museum, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 2004

  • Quipus Gallery, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 2000

  • Juan Carmona Gallery, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 2000

  • Rafael Monasterios University, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 1993

  • French Alliance Gallery, Bogota, Colombia 1992

  • Barro Conocido Gallery, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 1992

  • Casa de las Cajas Reales, Pamplona, Colombia. 1990

  • Chamber of Commerce, Cucuta, Colombia. 1990

  • Tachira Athenaeum, San Cristobal, Venezuela. 1990

  • Alberto Arvelo Torrealba Museum, Barinas, Venezuela. 1990

  • Viva Mexico Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. 1989

  • El Nido del Callejon Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. 1988

  • INCE, Caracas, Venezuela. 1988

  • Municipal Gallery, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 1987

  • Cultural Center Dr. Carlos Emilio Muñoz, Guanare, Venezuela 1987

  • Cultural Center Carlos Gauna, Acarigua, Venezuela. 1987

  • Lea Gallery, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 1987

  • French Alliance Gallery, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 1985

  • Gallery in the Rafael Monasterios University, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 1985

  • Salle des Salenques, Toulous, France. 1984

  • Version Originale Gallery, Toulous, France. 1984

  • A Semaine du Temps Livre Saint Gaudeans, France. 1984


  • Honorable Mention Salon Municipal Juan Lovera, Caracas, Venezuela. 2012.

  • First Price Salon Hector Rojas Mesa. 2008.

  • Artist Day Honorable Award. School of Arts Martin Tovar y Tovar Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 2006.

  • CONAC Award. XIII Salon Hector Rojas Mesa Cabudare, Venezuela. 

  • Papeles Maracay Award. XV Salon Municipal de Pintura, Maracay, Venezuela.

  • Ramon Chacin Painting Award IV, Maracaibo, Venezuela. 

  • Honorable Mention. Bienal de Artes Visuales, Barinas, Venezuela.