Dora Gabay


Contemporary Sculpture Artist Dora Gabay

Dora Gabay is not just a plastic artist. She is not just an excellent sculptor. She is a Venezuelan who carries in her blood human acts like the simple pleasures and love of women that skillfully mold dough to make arepas, or dance with splendor to the feverous rhythm of African drums under the sun of Barlovento, closing their eyes, tightening their bodies and opening doors through kisses, that not because they are greedy are less loving; of women who thresh cacao beans with the feeling of satisfaction of the good land and skills passed by centennial traditions, bursting through their faces; Ice cream sellers that have a hidden flavor wrapped in colored paper that catch up to children’s illusions.

Dora Gabay has shown her plastic talent since a very young age when she was yet to be excited about being a sculptor, she already carved wooden figures with amazing precision. When she started to make herself a career in Venezuelan publicity, she was still very young; she had enough time and perseveration to start taking courses about different artistic specialties, including the complex and delicate art of stained glass, as witnessed by an extraordinary polychromatic cockatoo at its time, gone today; regrettably to the fragility of stained glass.


In the late 90s and early XX, her professors were Daniel Briceño, Fenier Pérez, Haydée Arias and Antonio Chiffon at Basic Modeling and Human Figure Modeling; Carlos Finales at Enameled Ceramics Technique; Laura Palazzi at Lathe and Beatriz Peñín on Stained Glass.


She participated in her first collective presentation, “Feminists” in 1995 at “El Morrocoy Azul” gallery. Since then, she has made her presence in other 17 collective presentations in several galleries, presentation halls and important hotels as the Tamanaco and the Embassy Suites.


Since 1996 and until today, Dora’s resin and bronze sculptures have been the focal point of 7 individual exhibitions and has 2 more being prepared. Meanwhile, many relevant Marchands in Caracas, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Bogota, Santo Domingo, Rome and other cities look for her pieces with high interest. Many of her works are in the hands of first rated collectors in Caracas, the capitals mentioned and even others, including world-renowned personalities as Luciano Pavarotti and the Russian poet Yevgueni Yevtushenko. 


A prominent feature in Dora is that she has never limited herself to just applying what she learned from her teachers. Above that base knowledge is a self-taught artist who has become a full-fledged master, who not only models but personally executes every step of the sculpture with the help of her own artisan team until the finishing touches in bronze or resin are implemented in her sculptures that range from small formats around 30cms tall to a height of over 2 meters.


Her figurative work depicts these splendid women that work, dance and sing but also shows animated female and male characters – which practice sports, make colorful balances on unicycles and stilts. Always dashing in creative and original combinations of colors, that no matter from where they are looked upon, they not only call for your attention but are also magnificent songs of joy to the creative spirit and of the fantasy that comes from their most wonderful humanity.


Dora Gabay keeps her career in constant advancement and development, and her figurative zest in permanent success, opening new ways and original doors to the inexhaustible fantasy that are the imagination and art alongside the powerful vigor of her fascinating imagination.


  • Taller Escuela Arte y Fuego Modelado Figura Humana Professor: Antonio Chiffone

  • Vitral Professor: Beatriz Penin

  • Torno I, II, lIl Professor: Laura Palazzi

  • Tecnología Professor: Carlos Finales 1994- 1995

  • Taller Escuela Arte y Fuego, Modelado Figura Humana Professor: Haydée Arias 1993

  • Taller Escuela Arte y Fuego, Modelado Básico Professor: Fenier Perez 1989 - 1990

  • A.V.A.F., Modelado Básico Professor: Daniel Briceño 1988


       Expresiones Galería Freites Espacio B 2006

  • La vida es un Circo 1800 Gallery 2005
  • Aire Galería Dimaca Colectivas 2001
  • Susurros y Percepciones Galería "Jacques Benmergui", Avepane 2000
  • Sin Nada que Perder Galería de las Artes del Fuego (de la Gobernación del Distrito Federal) Selecclonada por la Fundación Francisco Narvaez , para realizar réplicas de la obra del gran escultor venezolano 1999
  • Salon de Octubre Hotel Tamanaco 1998
  • Momentos Galería Art Kerube
  • Gesto y Figuración Escuela Taller Arte Fuego 1997
  • Un Día en la Vida Galería Morrocoy Azul 1996
  • 7 x Escultura AVEPANE 1996
  • La Olra Tinta AVEPANE 1996
  • Feministas Galeria Morrocoy Azul 1995
  • Vidrios Homenaje al maestro Leonel Duran, Galería Cristina Merchán 1995
  • EI Circo Galeria Cuevas 1988