Raul Perez Martin


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He is born in Caracas on December 29, 1959. He studied engineering, graduating in Civil Engineering from Florida International University (FIU), Florida, USA and then study business administration at the Institute of Advanced Management Studies (IESA), Caracas, Venezuela. From an early age, He had a facility to draw cubes and pyramids, showing geometric and spatial skills. Among his childhood dreams, was one that became reality in 2010, when he decided to enter self-taught in the art world.


His first sculpture in iron was 3mm thick. Since then it has seen an evolution in your work, and only three years as a sculptor experienced accolades that have come up in other places.

His work it is defined as a challenge to the laws of space. High capacity and domain to produce the illusion of three-dimensional volumetric shapes and patterns from a two-dimensional array are evident. It is observed that the bodies of the sculptures are overlapped conspire to gravity and space. He works virtual volumes that give the impression that they were floating. Those virtual volumes are modified in their shape and color depending on the direction, distance and time of day.

His first sculpture was called "Providence" and allowed the opening to the world of art and carry out the first sculpture of commissions from friends and referrals. In mid-2011, he joined an art gallery in the municipality El Hatillo, where you live more than 10 years ago. Hence his work encourages other local galleries and in 2012 he began writing galleries from different regions of Venezuela.


  • D-Gallerie, St. Petersburg, Venezuela 2015-Present.

  • Bortot Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela2012-2013. 

  • Gallery Poseidon, Pampatar, Venezuela. 2012-2014. 

  • Gallery Cedro & Magnolias, Caracas, 2013. 

  • Gallery Obeso, Caracas, Venezuela. 2013. 

  • Gallery Bay, Dairy. Anzoategui, Venezuela. 2013.

  • Gallery Soho, Expresarte, Sepia, Caracas, Venezuela. 2013.

  • Expresarte Gallery, Valencia, Venezuela. 2014 

  • Gallery Villalon, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 2014. 

  • Gallery Miluna, Maracaibo. Edo. Zulia, Venezuela. 2014.

  • Galeria Trevi, Colombia.

  • Gallery Update, Colombia. 

  • Gallery A priori, Panama.